Drunk Drivers are a Leading Cause of Fatal Car Accidents

Posted by Michael Grossman on July 23, 2013  /   Posted in San Antonio Blog

Some May Try to Downplay it, but Alcohol is One of the Biggest Causes of Fatal Car Accidents

The following quote was taken from the comment section of a news article about toughening the State’s DWI/DUI laws.

it is said that 32% of fatalities on the road involve alcohol. that means that 68% of highway fatalities involve Starbucks coffee, Red Bull, McDonalds, cell phones, make up, auto-erotica, and other distractions. why not focus on the big numbers?

First off, that’s not exactly how statistics work. Secondly, within this 68% is another large category — speeding. Short of a discussion on personal liberties (speed cameras, governors on vehicles, etc.), I’d argue we’ve done plenty on that issue. So why not focus on repeat DUI offenders?

You ask why we don’t focus on the big numbers? You said yourself that 32% of fatal accidents are caused by one reason — alcohol. That’s not a big enough number for you? Thirty-two percent?

In Texas, we recently passed laws upping the punishment for those caught driving while “extremely” intoxicated, meaning a .15 or higher. Further, repeat offenders get stiffer punishments as well. While we still occupy one of the worst spots in the nation for DUIs & drunk driving accidents, the rate has been dropping. As far as I’m concerned, any decrease in these incidents makes legislative focus necessary.

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